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Part-Time Faculty Spotlight

Evan Clark

I have been teaching at Napa Valley College as a Speech Communication Adjunct Instructor since the Summer 2016 semester.  In those years I have taught classes in Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Small Group Communication, and Career Communication in a variety of schedules.  I have also been teaching at California State University, Sacramento since the Spring 2016 semester, and since I live in the East Bay, I have been very fortunate that my schedules have aligned so I only travel to one campus per day.  However, there were two different semesters that I also taught at either California State University, East Bay (in Hayward) or American River College in Sacramento – those were very busy, freeway-flying semesters!

My interest in and passion for teaching and communication was born as a 2nd year student at Folsom Lake College – I was just taking classes to satisfy the General Education transfer requirements and exploring some different subjects but taking Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication pulled me into that subject matter and has maintained its grip since.  I later earned by B.A. in Communication Studies at CSU Sacramento in the Spring of 2011 and knew that if I wanted to teach at a collegiate level, I would need a graduate degree.  I decided to go straight from undergrad into graduate school, was able to confirm that teaching was my calling by working as a Graduate Assistant and Teaching Associate and earned my M.A. in Communication Studies in the Fall of 2015.

Graduate school was not just responsible for my career, but for my home life as well.  It was at a future professor’s house on a swelteringly hot August afternoon in Sacramento during the graduate school orientation that I met my future wife, Julie.  We began dating before the end of our first semester, and after several years of term papers, theses, comprehensive exams and job hunting, we married in August of 2016.  She is the social media manager for the Fair Trade Certified non-profit organization in Oakland, and when we are not fighting traffic to get to and from work, we snuggle with our cat (Abby), watch episodes of Chopped, and try out different recipes in our own kitchen.  I also enjoy watching and studying film (my Blu-ray collection is embarrassingly close to 800 in number), and recently enjoyed rekindling my long-suppressed interest in video games during the winter break.

One of the main reasons I love teaching are my students.  We are blessed in California to be home to a truly diverse population, and it excites me to teach people from a variety of backgrounds and to get to learn from them as well.  Every class, every semester has brought a new perspective on life to my attention, and it is both an enlightening and humbling experience.  I am grateful to Napa Valley College for not just providing me this opportunity to teach, but for also providing so many people the opportunity to learn about and explore all of the wonderful experiences this life has to offer.

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